“She is”

She is the definition of me or I her,
She is not condemned by the Society around her,
and I count my lucky stars I found her,
she is warm and humble, around her my words seem to stumble and crumble,
and so all I have left are sentences of syllables and bent up phrases I love all her pretty faces,
she’s beautiful

LL Poetry 2014 ©

“Different people in different places”

Different people in different places, waiting
trying to be patient
Because the end has awaken
Molecules of lies and bent truths make this mass of deceit,
Nations scream defeat,
Crying with hands swinging at their sides,
All we can do is try and hide the bodies sacrificed,
Paying for days and endless nights for our corrupted ‘Freedom’,
Freedom is not what I predicted it’s conflicted,
Filled with laws that rape
Our so-called “natural rights”
They put tape to our mouths and lower the clouds in front of our unknowing eyes,
Blind with muffled words
I dare to speak.
With emotion in my speech
I will NEVER scream defeat.

LLP 2014 ©

Fancy freestyle No 1.

I’m a pretty fly guy,
So you could say “Hi guy”,
I like to keep it groovy, tye-dye,
Could I invest my time?
Could we meet up for a Mai Tai?
Could we wine-dine, and bling pow for shine-time when we in the lime light,
When the times right?

LLP2013 ©

Tell my homies

You ain’t got to prove it to me,
I read you mentally,
I ain’t saying that you were meant for me,
Or we were meant to be,
But I see something moving along gradually and hopefully,
We could try it,
Ain’t  no rushing,
But we grown,
Show me how you do it all on your own,
Put Patron in the mix,
Feeling the fuck out of this,
Can’t get enough out of this,
And we feeling the vibe,
Taking our time,
I’m taking in her shine,
While she watch my grind,
I fend for mine,
I’m chemically designed to put you back in your right state of mind,
If you could catch my drift,
Or read my lips,
Let’s dip,
Hit the motel 6,
Then I’ll tell my hommies how I had all of this
Lex P. Poetry 2013 ©

” Leo “

You are my feral Lioness,

Ruled by the sun,

You dominate my heart,

With those very claws you sunk yourself deep into my soul,

You gripped unto the very intricacies that make me,

You’ve mastered my stubborn,

You’ve coaxed the demon that eats me alive, and questions that I am,

You know me more than I do myself,

And I let you in wholeheartedly,

 You’ve won me over with your confidence,

 Which shines better than the very planet that represents you,

I consume your essence endlessly and still remain ravenous,

 I look for you in the stars,

 I look for you in the sea,

 I look for you in everything that represents beauty,

 And though I am a ruin,

 You plant seeds in me,

 You decorate destruction and restore what has been lost,

You make me whole again with your luminous smile,

You ameliorate me with your words.

You are a Leo.

Lex P. Poetry 2013 ©

” Mine “

I want to understand the things I never before understood,

I want to open doors I never before could,

I want to ask questions that I really shouldn’t,

I want to take chances,

I don’t want to take second glances,

And think about the things I want to do, but prevented myself from doing so,

I want to live as if life’s worth living,

I don’t want to second guess every move,

I want every pavement in my path to smooth, never unsettled or loose,

I just want to feel the wind blow on my skin, never to think about sin or losses,

I want to toss the past like graduation caps, in confidence,

I want happiness without someone robbing it,

I want it all and the toppings bitch,

I want to be realistic even though my wish-list isn’t,

I want to stay gifted, with a sound mind, and a heart that’s hard to find, even in a world that seems unkind,


 I want to be MINE.

Lex P. Poetry 2013 ©